Kate Vrijmoet: What you get is to be changed. More and more by each glistening minute.

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Artist’s Notes:
All of the titles in this “Non-ordinary Reality” (water) paintings series come from poetry. I feel connected to poetry because poetry, like fine art, reminds us we’re human, we’re connected, we’re like each other. And, poetry is aural. I think poems need to be read aloud. I’ve described the water as the physical manifestation of the aural. In other words, the depiction of a silent scream.

I use the tools of classical painting to provoke emotions in my audience they might more often associate with theater. I feel that paintings can be engulfing and involving. My aim is an extremely high impact experience for the viewer. Many of the deepest and most unusual experiences of all kinds in art are only available because the artist has led you to them through emotions that are provocative but, at least at first, acceptable.

In these paintings water represents the physical manifestation of the aural. Among other things these paintings are about sound and how the brain processes sound. My goal is that you hear the paintings. Last month someone in my studio, in the midst of several enormous Non-ordinary Reality paintings said: “I feel like I’m under water.” When the paintings trigger that reaction in me, it’s an aural response. All the sounds in the room are muffled as they are when I’m really under water. Our brains don’t know the difference.

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